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'Patis' is a fish sauce in Filipino. Food blog about Filipino food and cooking and other cuisines in Southern England, blogged by Celia Kusinera. Celia is a Filipina living in the UK and dreams of cooking for a living.

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Expat's Pancit Palabok   
What will you do if you're far away from the Phils. and wanted to make pancit palabok with just the ingredients available in your local supermarket? That's the dilemna I had years ago when I had a hankering for a pancit palabok (aka pancit luglog) MORE
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from Newcastle England
to Melbourne Australia
and because KLM airlines doesn't allow me to carry more than 30 kilograms when I fly last October to Melbourne, hence, our property in Newcastle was left behind. So if you are interested to buy or invest in property, this is now your opportunity to acquire one in Newcastle. Our "excess baggage" is for sale for about £140,000.00 and negotiable. Included in the price are some appliances, dining tables, sala set, beds etc. All you gonna do is to bring your personal stuff and start enjoying the 3 bedrooms semi-detached house. For more information, call Lisa on the following numbers: 01912737515 / 07876615758 or email me at

For more details and pictures of the property, visit this website or click the picture above:
Property for sale for about £140,000.00